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Posted on 04-14-2012

When we discussed the idea for this last episode (#5 for those of you counting), the original list was slightly different and in a different order. However, like most good ideas, it just takes a little time to germinate, ruminate, revise and edit to really make it something valuable.

I think the order of the list is just as important as the items on the list. So often we are continuously told that are thoughts matter, that we can shape and reshape reality with our attitudes and focus. While some simply serve this up as new age hogwash, there is a very real truth to it. I do agree, simply wishing for a pot of gold will not simply make one appear, nonetheless it has been recognized again and again that attitude does make a difference. Attitude, emotion affect thought, thought affects chemistry, chemistry drives biology and physiology which is the principle behind voluntary action.

Call me crazy (as if you haven't before) but your mental house is the beginning root to getting everything else in life "right".

Similarly, the ideas behind food and exercise are - how shall I say - no brainers! You must, must, must eat right and exercise. It can be said no more simply. And, I think you may have heard it before. We tried to take a different approach to these two and hopefully the message will be motivating.

Which leaves us with Get adjusted and Kaizen.

Kaizen first. Everyone needs to have a philosophy. you can careful craft yours based on your experience, mentors, and a small dash of introspection every now and then. Or, you can do as the romans do and simply let mass media, shallow thought processes and 'the jones' decide it for you. Okay, harsh I know, but sadly true for a lot of us. If you have to choose a philosophy of life: I think the idea of - whatever I am, whatever I have done or am doing, I will do better, just a little better - is a great one. Simple, forgiving, and motivating.

Now - Get adjusted. I know, I am a chiropractor - what am I going to say? Right?

Well yes and no. Yes, I say it and I live it. My family lives it. We see real results with it and its worth it. From the 'no' perspective - well it's the same reason from an external sense. My patients and the patients of every chiropractor see great, life changing results. If you invest a little time in boning up on your anatomy, physiology, and neuropsychology you might be surprised to find just how profoundly the experience of life can be affected with Chiropractic care.

So, the next time your eating a balance post workout meal, take a break from your mental introspection about how your going to handle things just a little better tomorrow and remind yourself when your next adjustment appointment time is. And if you don't have one - make one.

Until next time,

Matthew Corradetti DC

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I started coming here to help with migraines that would last for days, and joint pain. I can very happily say, i haven't had any migraines. And the pain, is lessened :-) It's been a very long time since I have felt this good. Thank you so much. :-) great people, great care, great chiro family.

Sarah T.
Guelph, ON

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