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Posted on 04-02-2012

So we had a lot of fun discussing the concept of moderation for this past podcast episode.  It seems to be one of these concepts that a lot of people take for granted, in that we use it to dismiss our shortcomings and excuse our faults.  While we all do things that we know aren't the best for us - why exactly is that?

I was thinking of a different direction with this post, but now that I have written it, the phrase strikes me as odd:  we do things we know are not good for us, they are bad for us, but we knowingly and willingly participate in them...why??

What drives us to consume products that we know are deleterious to our health?
I think the answer lies with perception, context and value. What I mean by all of that is, everything is not simply what it is.  We as human beings are constantly trying to associate meaning unconsciously or consciously to the people and things in our life.

Value is an important concept in this thought process.  You see, people tend to do things they perceive as having value for themselves - whether in fact it does or does not.  If your perception is that someone or something is doing something for you (giving you benefit or value) - whether or not it actually is, you will continue onwards with it/them.

With that in mind we have to understand and really ask ourselves what things really mean to us.  That is, take one thing that you are doing and ask yourself what is the real meaning of it? what do you associate with it? what is the value you derive from it?

The key to jettisoning bad habits or losing those things that we know are bad for us is to clearly identify what you get out of it.  Then be honest with yourself and see what in fact you really are getting from it - no emotion attached, no other meaning - what are you really getting? Is it good, bad or ugly?

When you can disassociate preconceived notions of benefit and look at the reality - the bare facts - then you can really weight the cost/benefit of an action, product or person.

This can immeasurably help - because if something is exposed as being harmful and not really beneficial, then it becomes that much easier to withdraw from it or just plain walk away from it.

People who have used this process tend to drop bad habits and find habits with real benefits.  They in turn live healthier happier lives.  You can too!!

Remember, don't use "moderation" as an excuse, examine your life and live better for it!

Until next time,
Matthew Corradetti DC

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I started coming here to help with migraines that would last for days, and joint pain. I can very happily say, i haven't had any migraines. And the pain, is lessened :-) It's been a very long time since I have felt this good. Thank you so much. :-) great people, great care, great chiro family.

Sarah T.
Guelph, ON

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